GUIDE Why/When you should use Write SEC > Repair Sec method for S10/Note10 models?

GUIDE Why/When you should use Write SEC > Repair Sec method for S10/Note10 models?

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    Why/When you should use Write SEC > Repair Sec method for above models?
    1. MSL Counter blocked (TOOMANYFAIL or TMF Error)
    2. Failed to Unlock your phone with other tools
    3. Your phone has damaged/corrupted EFS
    4. Repair other issues related to Security/NV/EFS

    Does 'Write SEC > Repair Sec Method' Unlock S10/S10e/S10+ ?

    Only AT&T, Xfinity, Spectrum, Cricket, Virgin will be FULLY UNLOCKED & Repaired after Write SEC > Repair Sec
    All other carriers, this procedure WILL NOT UNLOCK YOUR PHONE!

    How do i unlock my S10/S10e/S10+ Sprint,Boost,GCF with BLOCKED MSL Counter ?

    You should run Write SEC > Repair Sec first to repair the phone,
    And then Untick "Write SEC > Repair Sec" and Unlock your phone normally.
    You will need 10 Credits (2 x 5 Credits) in order to repair+unlock your Sprint/Boost/GCF phone with BLOCKED MSL Counter !

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    still locked i try [00000000] or [0000000000000000] but nothing
    Starting ADB Server :.....OK
    Connecting ADB Mobile :....OK
    Model : SM-A105FN
    Hardware: EXYNOS7885
    AP version: A105FNXXU3ATA1
    CSC version: A105FNOXM3ASL4
    Android version: 9
    Sales code: XEF
    Serial Number: R58N40CZ8CY
    Multi Sim : DSDS
    IMEI: 3554601151.....
    Debug Level: 0X4F4C
    Kernel Status : ENFORCING
    Warranty VOID: 0
    SIM operator: ,
    Sim State: ABSENT,ABSENT
    Multi Sim : DSDS
    USB Settings: ACM,DM,ADB
    Checking if Model Supported : OK
    Setting DEBUG Mode:......OK
    Wait For Device :........OK
    Installzing Applet Tool:...... OK
    Reading Data (Please Wait):...... OK
    Starting Exploit Security :.........OK
    Unlocking Phone:........... OK
    Network Code: [00000000] or [0000000000000000] to Unlock if Still Asking CODE
    Restarting Phone:..... OK
    Total time take: 00:02:24, finished on 7/25/2020 11:14:32 AM +00:00
    Saving Logs:........OK
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    g975u sprint
    final imei certi: fail
    after unlock
    can this fix the error?
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